5 keys to understand what is SAP

Sometimes when I speak with other people about my work; I have the following conversation:

  • Other: So, what is your job?
  • Me: I am a consultant, I work with SAP systems
  • Other: Cool! We have SAP in our company
  • Me: That is great, which solution do you work with?
  • Other: Wiiith SAP…??

What is SAP?

I though how can I help to those of you that need a short recap of what is SAP. This post is for all those who want to understand what is SAP.

What is SAP?

SAP is a German company, as it can be Microsoft. SAP is also known as SAP AG and they develop solutions for other companies.

What is a solution?

They are “programs” or “applications” ranging from financial systems (planning, consolidation,…) and logistics (stocking, transport,…) to databases, where the data is stored.

They cover different business areas, that can “talk” to each other and make the work easier within your company.

SAP Complete Business Solution
SIA China (Property of SAP AG)

What kind of companies are they for?

If we talk about business size, they are usually for medium and large companies. The total cost depends on the company (number of users, number of solutions needed, …) and although the profits they generate at the end make them profitable, they can have somewhat higher costs for a company that is too small.

If we talk about type of business, name your type of business and area and I will tell you what tools you could use.

s4 hana - Business Areas

Why SAP?

SAP systems are installed in companies around the world due to their great versatility and speed. This last thanks to SAP HANA.

In addition, they have incorporated new technologies such as Machine Learning (Machine Learning) or Artificial Intelligence. Which, facilitate tasks such as market research in real time, optimization of resources with distributors and suppliers or see the results of closures at real time.

SAP Fiori Screen

What do you recommend for my company?

It depends, SAP has many systems and tools developed. You should know what your company does and what needs do you have.

For example, if you work with finances, we could talk about a package with: SAP HANA (database), SAP S / 4 HANA (ERP) and SAP BPC (Planning and Consolidation) or SAP FI / CO.  If the amount of data is too big and you wish to use A.I. or M.L. for better analysis of the markets, you may also be interested in adding SAP BW/4 HANA.

If you want to understand better how SAP can fit into your company, you can contact me by this link , by LinkedIn or by the phone number above. I am looking forward to help you.

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