SAP is not for financiers

Choosing the right way of business management is one of the most important steps in any company. The idea that learning SAP is only for technicians and outsources, is very settled in many companies, but is it really the best option?

The importance of a financier learning SAP's usability

    Years ago, I was in a large company, whose developments always worked greatly and the quality of their data was quite high.

The companies that only had “pure” functional teams working directly with consultants or technicians’ teams (the ones responsible for coding). They normally faced two situations:

1. Technicians and financiers do not always speak the same language. As financiers didn’t know what a tool can or cannot do, meeting the requirements was much slower.

2. The functional team can completely ignore the internal functionality of their actual processes. So, they press the buttons with the hope that the results would appear.

Both cases generate too many problems that can be avoided.

What is a mix profile and how can it help?

In my working career, I’ve learned the importance of ‘mix’ teams or profiles. There was this large company where I worked for. Where, in addition to the financial and IT teams, they had created an extra team. This extra team (or profile for smaller companies) was a group of financiers, who learned how their SAP tools worked like and what could they request to the system.

“Understanding the importance of these principles, I decided to follow them myself.”

Functionals and SAP can be friends

Finance teams can be quite busy with many requests, so it’s quite difficult for them to learn how a SAP tool works.

Creating a new profile or team with the duty of developing and checking the data quality, will save your company a lot of headaches. It’s not necessary that this team or profile has a deep knowledge of technical things; as code development or which are the specific steps to create a table.

This missing requirement can be fulfill by consultants with their deep technical skills and their wide experience in other companies.


It was not until years later, that I understood the importance of this team and why other companies should follow this example. I followed these principles myself, being a computer technician and learning finance.

By creating an internal profile or team that works as an ‘intermediary’. The own company is in command of its future, thanks to a deep knowledge and control of their financial functionalities. Giving the consultants the only duty of making general recommendations or developing the necessary code of the requested tasks.


Would you like to know more about how this way of working will help your company? Contact me through LinkedIn, call/whatsapp me (+34) 693 908 659) or just contact me through the web and let’s see how can we collaborate.


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